Time4Change began as Tokens4Change (T4C) in 2010.  Scott Parish a student volunteer with YWS (and later YWS board member) was struck by how something so small, as a transit token, could be such a big barrier for homeless youth to move forward with their lives. From that question and through dialogue with family, friends, and a YWS community partner, Project Humanity, Scott envisioned a solution that engaged youth supporting youth, educating youth about the issue of youth homelessness and providing them with an avenue through art activism to create awareness in the community while at the same time raising funds to support YWS’s work and youth transit fare.

Tokens4Change (now Time4Change) emerged through the volunteer leadership of: Scott Parish, Salar Javid and Meggie Lyness- Javid, founding artistic partner, Project Humanity, and countless friends, family, community members and corporate partners.

Today, youth, volunteers, and art activism, remain at the core of what T4C is all about, with a volunteer leadership committee guiding T4C each step of the way.

In 2018 Tokens4Change was rebranded Time4Change to reflect the changing transit landscape (phase out of tokens) and more importantly that change is critical to prevent and end youth homelessness.

Since launching in 2010, T4C has raised more than $634,000 and engaged 4,000 students and volunteers.